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Student Opportunities

Student Council

Each year, the students of Wing Lake take part in the democratic process of electing their Student Council representatives. This dedicated group of classmates plays a pivotal role in orchestrating numerous fantastic initiatives within our school. From organizing fundraisers to fostering community involvement, they strive to create meaningful opportunities for their fellow students to give back to the community. With a strong sense of commitment, our Student Council works tirelessly to make our school a truly wonderful and enriching place for everyone.

Field Day

At Wing Lake School, an exciting annual event takes place where students engage in a field day designed to enhance their gross motor skills. This fun-filled day includes a variety of activities, each themed differently to add an element of excitement. The activities are carefully crafted to cater to each student's ability level, ensuring that every student can participate and enjoy the day to the fullest.

The coordination of this event involves dedicated teachers, a supportive parent committee, and volunteers, including retired staff members. The whole school comes together, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among students and staff.

The Motor Activity Training Program at Wing Lake School prepares these aspiring young athletes by honing their motor skills for specific sports-related activities. Over 15 stations present various superhero-themed challenges, such as Hulk Smash, Spider-Man, and Thor, each aimed at achieving specific goals like throwing, kicking, lifting, or striking. Through these engaging activities, students not only have a blast but also develop crucial physical abilities.

Participating in the field day provides the students with a valuable learning experience and allows them to make choices and have their voices heard. They can select which stations to visit and mark their accomplishments on a sheet, which they can later share with their families. The inclusive nature of the event ensures that every student, regardless of skill level, can fully participate and have a great time.

Special Olympics

Team Wing Lake, supported by enthusiastic parent participation, eagerly prepares and sends their student athletes to compete in the annual county Special Olympics each spring. This heartwarming and inclusive initiative embodies the school's unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity, camaraderie, and the celebration of diverse abilities. The entire school community rallies behind Team Wing Lake, showing their unwavering support and cheer on the school's athletes.

Throughout the event, Team Wing Lake athletes showcase their incredible skills and determination, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. Regardless of individual results, the focus remains on the joy of participation and the courage displayed by each athlete. Every effort is met with admiration and applause, creating an atmosphere of immense pride and support.